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Dear friends:

Loyal thank you for your support, to make you a better understanding of our enterprise, strengthen cooperation and exchanges between our work, now will I company service specification to you, you are welcome to supervision and puts forward valuable opinions and Suggestions, help us further improve the work quality, better service to every customer.

Service commitment

A, our company will strictly according to your request the delivery schedule, reasonable arrangement, carefully organize production, to ensure timely delivery, guarantee the construction needs.

Second, my company production for thirteen years has accumulated rich experience in production management, double spiral welded pipe in technical force, production technology, detection means and so on various aspects are completely have the ability to produce high quality products. Company will strictly process procedures, in accordance with the ISO9001 quality assurance system, strengthen the whole process from raw materials into the factory to product the company's control, to provide product guarantee.

The service content

Pre-sale service

Visit customers, in a planned way to solicit opinions

Understand customer needs and problems in a timely manner

To the user request, should reply within the day, cannot satisfy the should be

The contract review in two days to complete

Sale service

Strictly fulfill the contract of sale, provide product quantity and on time

Strict performance of the technical services agreement, to provide technical services on time

Ensure the quality of service, found that the problem solves promptly, the scene shall notify users cannot solve, and report to the competent leadership

Because of quality problems caused by the exchange or refund, shall be reported by the regulation

After-sales service

I company for the customer's questions, send personnel arrived at the scene that day service, in the province, fujian association of foreign languages and service personnel to solve in three days

Within one month after the completion of the sales department in single items of projects as will report the competent leadership, once every six months to information feedback, and make the corresponding user survey, understand the user the evaluation of each work to the company.

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Address: No. 32-33, Building 9, Lanshi International Metal Trade Center, Chancheng Dist., Foshan, Guangdong, China   
TEL: +86-757-83879893    FAX:+86-757-83826522   E-mail: info@lianqunsheng.com